Laura E. Reeve, Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

Laura Reeve's Science Fiction and Fantasy

Complex Worlds and Flawed Characters

Serasa-Kolme Draius

  • A heroine with perfect memory but stubborn and proud
  • Her country still accesses true magic through the Phrenii
  • To save her son, Draius binds herself to one of the Phrenii elementals
  • When war sweeps over the world, only those once bound to the Phrenii will be able to save family, country, and true magic

Major Ariane Kedros

  • A heroine tortured by guilt from a wartime mission that may have killed billions
  • Having a new identity provided by her government may prevent retribution, but does not redeem her
  • What is she: daring pilot, decorated soldier, or war criminal?
  • Military SF from former USAF officer

From Readers and Reviewers

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