Photo by Jared Hagan
Photo by Jared Hagan

Here at Cajun Coyote Media, we’re all about science fiction and fantasy (SF/F). I was practically raised on it and now I write it, publishing under the name Laura E. Reeve.

My husband and I read a lot of SF/F. We also appreciate SF/F-inspired art, making sure to visit the art show at every convention and sometimes bidding on pieces. SF/F and art seem to go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Written forms of SF/F stimulate artists, whose art engenders other visual SF/F such as films and TV shows, who must then hire more artists. Think of how many concept, matte, and CG artists it takes to create a major movie nowadays that touches on any speculative element. And then there’s the art on SF/F book covers, where the artist conveys everything from sub-genre to mood while providing an accurate depiction of some scene or character.

Remember those SF/F covers that really made an impact when you were growing up? The ones that showed the hero or heroine, perhaps with their nemesis skulking in the shadows? Unfortunately, in this age of putting books out as cheaply as possible, novel covers aren’t getting much art. Sometimes only a grungy texture and the type is slapped on them. But that is what’s affordable: a cover composited with photo stock and textures. But what if you’ve written an SF novel with space frigates and cyborgs? Or a fantasy with non-human characters?

For SF/F novels, photo stock doesn’t cut it. This is where our products shine. Our 3D renders and backgrounds are here to help indie SF/F authors who can’t afford original art, or cover designers/artists who are trying to reduce their time and effort. Our products can be used directly in covers, or as artist references. Please, I want to see more SF/F book covers with character portraits and space battles!

Our SF/F stock has uses beyond that of cover art: interior illustrations, gaming (e.g., RPG, Strategy, Historical) rulebook and world references, gaming forms/sheets, online gaming avatars, etc. And, of course, we provide illustration and cover design services.

Lastly, you’re probably wondering who is “the Cajun Coyote.” That’d be my husband. He was born in New Iberia, LA, into a Cajun family. My husband has no accent, having lived an itinerant life as an Air Force “brat,” but he can start babbling that Cajun-French lingo if he wants. When he went into the Air Force himself and became a test pilot, he got the nickname “Coyote” (from Wil E. Coyote of the Roadrunner cartoons). It wasn’t long before the nickname morphed into “Cajun Coyote.”

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