Our images are royalty free, meaning you are buying a license that gives you the right to use our copyrighted material without the need to pay royalties for each use. When you buy stock from the online Cajun Coyote Media (CCM) store, you are agreeing to our website’s Terms of Use and you are buying the Standard License. For an Exclusive License, contact us at https://ancestralstars.com/ccm/contact-us/. Regardless of the license you buy, CCM retains ownership and copyright of all materials available on the website.

A. Standard License for Images, Cover Art, and Illustrations

  1. This is the non-exclusive license you get when you buy and download an image from the CCM store. Non-exclusive means that you are not being given exclusive rights to the image (see Exclusive License, below).
  2. You may use the image for personal or commercial use, meaning you may use it in or for a business. You may use the image directly or indirectly for financial gain.
  3. With the Standard License, you have rights to use or modify any of our images:
    • In any personal or commercial projects, such as book covers or web sites. In websites they must be part of the site design.
    • In software applications as a static image.
    • In prints for packaging (CD covers, gift wraps, etc.), where the number of copies will not exceed 500,000.
    • In advertising prints (bookmarks, posters, fliers, etc.), where the number of copies will not exceed 500,000.
    • In a product for a client, as long as that product fits within the constraints of this license. When you do this, the Standard License you bought is transferred to your client and you should give them a copy of this license.
  4. You do not have rights to:
    • Incorporate the images into merchandise for sale (t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc..) or use them as a trademark or service mark.
    • Distribute, redistribute, license, sub-license, or offer free downloads of the images in their present form or in a modified form to any third party.
    • Post or upload our images to electronic bulletin boards or other websites in downloadable format. This is considered redistribution, which is not permitted under this license.
    • Include as an additional resource or attachment to boost your product sales or for any other purpose. Providing these images as additional resources to customers will be considered redistribution.
    • Use the images in any of the unauthorized uses specified in our website Terms of Use.

B. Exclusive License for Images

  1. This license has all the same constraints as the Standard License, but exclusively licenses the image to the buyer.
  2. An exclusively licensed image is represented by the concepts, 3D models, wardrobe, and subject matter that provide a unique creative message.
  3. Exclusive licenses may be bought by contacting CCM.
  4. After receiving funds for an exclusive licensed image, CCM will remove the image from the store within 72 hours. Other images similar to the image purchased will not be removed from the site unless purchased separately for exclusive rights.
  5. To learn more about exclusive rights, please contact us. If purchasing an exclusive image, the buyer will still honor all terms and conditions as stated in the Standard License and our Terms of Use.

Cajun Coyote Media, January 15, 2017