Privacy Policy

1. Information We Keep

If you purchase a product from us, we record your email address, billing first/last name, billing address, and method of purchase (PayPal, CC, etc.) for the purpose of providing customer service, processing refunds, and as documentation for VAT (if and when we start selling digital products to EU customers again). All credit card information entered through this site is passed directly to the payment gateway and we do not keep it. Refunds are done using a transaction ID provided by the payment gateway, which we store with your order. If you choose to buy a physical book from this web site, you will be passed to the Aerio Retail Network and they will process your credit card and customer information. Here is Aerio’s privacy policy.

If you sign up for the CCM email newsletter, which is different than having an account with us, your email address plus (optional) name will be stored with, which has a privacy policy as well. You do not have to sign up for the email newsletter to use our site and the newsletter should always have an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Standard anonymous IP information is saved by Google Analytics and our web host for website statistics–for example, to display how many viewers we’ve had from which country. There is no personal information in those reports.

2. What We Do (or Don’t Do) With the Above Information

As indicated above, the purpose of the customer data we keep is for providing customer service and processing refunds. (If we start selling digital products to EU customers, this paragraph will be amended.)

We do not release customer information to anyone or any process but the payment gateways. We do not use your personal information for marketing or advertising with the exception of the email newsletter, which is sent only to those who subscribe to it. We do not participate in Google Adsense, but we are affiliates of some other venders (e.g. Renderosity, Amazon). No customer information is passed in affiliate links.