Want to see something else? This form allows you to request a new render of an existing character or object in the store, or to request a new product (e.g., “I want to see a female vampire in retro garb…”). You are not committed to buying the product, once it appears, nor are we committed to providing that product but we’ll try our best. Note: this will be a product for the store so it must be rated “PG-13” at most, meaning it can’t be any more explicit or violent than shows aired on U.S. public television at 7:00 p.m.

What We Need From You:

  • Your contact information so we can notify you about the new render/product or ask you questions.
  • The correct title (or SKU) of the product, if you’re just requesting a new render.
  • For characters, provide basic descriptors which cover ethnicity, hair color, body build, etc. If you want, you can also describe the garb, pose, camera angle, and emotion that you’d like.
  • If this is a character, specify any props (for object renders, the object is the prop).
  • Provide URLs, if you have them, of example components (hair, body, face structure, poses, etc.)
  • Specify lighting: shadowed, neutral, or bright, as well as any colored rim lighting (e.g. Scout in Sunset), etc.