Additional notes:

  • External (outside CCM) licensing of images: In addition to store stock, CCM has licensed the use of many images suitable for backgrounds and foregrounds. However, if none of these are suitable the customer can specify other stock from an internet source. Any licensing costs for this stock will be rolled into the cost of the job.
  • Request for a new product (available to all customers): This requires no commitment on your part. Likewise, CCM will schedule this new render at our convenience, after commissioned work. If we cannot oblige your request, we will notify you. Possible reasons for turning down your request could be that we cannot find a suitable 3D model or the subject matter you have requested cannot be posted in our store (see Terms of Use).
  • Commissioning illustrations: The price range is wide because the amount of work varies based upon the number of models, backgrounds, and textures that are required, as well as any post-processing needed for a particular style. Volume discounts will be considered for projects that need smaller interior illustrations, all of which must match in style and color gamut (e.g., a RPG rulebook or gaming aid).
  • Commissioning full cover designs: The template we require for a printed book can usually be obtained from the printer, once you have determined how many pages you will be printing, and what sort of paper you’ll be using. Since printers may use different weight stock, don’t expect a template from CreateSpace to be exactly the same as a template from Ingram Spark, even if you plug in the same sizes, same color stock, and number of pages. A correct template is integral to placing your spine, your text, and your images correctly. Ingram and Bowker can provide barcoded ISBNs and price (don’t know about CreateSpace or other PoD).
  • Regarding EU Residents: If you live in the EU, you can’t buy image stock through this web site because I closed my VAT MOSS account. The cost of maintaining a SWIFT account and transferring payments across the Atlantic far outweighed the very small amounts of VAT collected. The services above, however, do not qualify as “telecommunications” services so an EU resident could buy “adjusted stock” with no VAT.