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Twilight on the Lake


Twilight is settling on the lake house as someone moves a craft away. A smuggler, or someone enjoying an evening sail?
Resolutions: High resolution is 300 ppi; Low resolution is 72 ppi;
Dimensions: High resolution is 5080px by 3600 px; Low resolution is 1270px by 900px;

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File Format: JPEG
Color Mode: RGB


Click image at right to see full image in correct aspect ratio.
Note: The twilight lighting was a challenge. Use a Photoshop Levels layer to increase or decrease the lighting.


High (300 ppi), Low (72 ppi)


Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
10 figures:
  • Green house, by 1971s
  • Bridge, by 1971s
  • 2 lantern poles, by 1971s
  • Half moon boat, by 1971s
  • Michael 4, using additional texture
  • Evilson pants, boots, wrap, and tunic, using additional textures
3 props:
  • Flink’s water planes
12 lights, 25 cameras, 100 geometries, 87 image-maps, 87 bump-maps.
Post-render work done in Photoshop CS6.