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Fae Fatale with Wings


She's dangerous, winged, and gathering her magical powers. You don't want to run into her in the deep wooded realms.

Resolutions: High resolution is 300 ppi; Low resolution is 72 ppi;
Dimensions: High resolution is ~ 2454px by 3600 px; Low resolution is ~ 614px by 900px;

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Fae Fatale With Wings, fantasy novel cover art

File Format: JPEG
Color Mode: RGB

Click image at right to see full image in correct aspect ratio.

Note: Edges of wings rendered partially transparent, so they merge with the background at edges. The Photoshop Pen tool might be useful when selecting this figure from the background.


High (300 ppi), Low (72 ppi)


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Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
  • 8 figures:
    • Victoria4, Absinthe morphs/skin
    • EllyHair, pinkish-red
    • Absinthe wings
    • SD Hybriddress
    • SD Armbands
    • jonteSpellArm 1
    • jonteSpellArm 2
    • jonteSpellArm 3
  • 0 props, 7 lights, 20 cameras, 87 geometries, 62 image-maps, 62 bump-maps
Post-render work done in Photoshop CS6.