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Manga Fairy on Moonlit Sundial


In general, I don't go for the manga-style toon 3D characters. I'm more comfortable with the photo-realistic characters that have sub-surface scattering textures because I know how to light them and get reliable results. This model required experimentation; initially I wanted her up on this huge stone structure in a sunlit scene, but I instead went with moonlight lights that worked better. Hence the almost oxymoronic title of “moonlit sundial.” But this render shows what a wide range of choices you have for characters.

The camera views her from below, which cuts off full view of her wings but emphasizes the floating platform and her foot that dangles off it a bit. There's also two bird 3D models in this render: a male bluebird sits on her shoulder while she tries to coax a female bluebird to alight on her fingers. Maybe she's a matchmaker?

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