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Voodoo Imp


You don't want to wake up after your Mardi Gras partying and find this guy leaning over you with a demon staff powered by hellfire… What do you do when you've got a “Mr. Bones” texture and you don't have much in the way of 3D voodoo implements? Find a demon staff and create a character that's a fusion of voodoo and demon/imp (after all, he has an impish smile that complements his one red eye and one clear eye). His master sends him out looking for gutter drunks in New Orleans after Mardi Gras–that's the best story I've got, and I always have to have a character's story in mind when I'm making a portrait.

Cover ready, although I'd blur the character a bit due to depth (but I can't do that in the store version in case a customer needs a sharp version of the character). See our services if you'd like a different render, background, etc.
Resolutions: High resolution is 300 ppi; Low resolution is 72 ppi;
Dimensions: High resolution is ~ 2454px by 3600 px; Low resolution is ~ 614px by 900px;

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