The Worlds of Laura E. Reeve


The Broken Kaskea Series

A Charm for Draius

"A child's life hangs in balance... In this we are certain," the Phrenii said.

In the age of science and gunpowder, what place does magic hold? When a high-profile murder is dumped in her lap, Draius isn't worried about magic. City Guard politics are brutal and the captain makes it clear her job is on the line; there are plenty of rivals waiting for her to fail, including her estranged husband.

More killings follow. Draius endures threats and attacks as she uncovers a treasonous conspiracy, one that hopes to revive necromantic magic. But when they graduate to murder by magic and her own son is threatened, she has to get magical help. She must step into the minds of the Phrenii, the five elementals who protect Tyrra's children and departed souls, risking her sanity to fight magic with magic.

Even the Phrenii cannot foresee the coming catastrophe.


Souls for the Phrenii

The Minahmerans send the sorcerer Ihmar to investigate disturbing changes: the Phrenii have been tainted by death and the humankind are practicing necromancy. The shards of the Kaskea become scattered as King Perinon protects them from ruthless politics unfolding within Tyrra. Draius is captured while spying in Groyga and Perinon fights necromancy within his own court.

Meanwhile, the prescience of the Phrenii leads them to suspect that one of their own is subverted. But, without individuality, the elementals can only understand betrayal as insanity. When a 500-year-old spell usurps the shared soul of the Phrenii, the elementals disappear. All written records and adult recollection of the Phrenii are wiped out. While the wielders of the Kaskea inherit the Phrenic elemental powers, Tyrran children strive to keep their memory of the Phrenii alive. Ihmar must exact a life-pledge from all those bound to the Kaskea, to include Perinon, Draius, and Cerith, if the Phrenii are ever to walk the earth again.


Names for the Forgotten

The world plunges into war, which rises to greater heights than anyone could conceive before the advent of gunpowder. Tyrra defends herself without her King and falls under Groygan occupation. Only Betarr Serin still resists, sheltering women, children, and unicorns that control the elements (creatures from myth that the Groygans can barely believe exist). Groygan forces step up their siege of the city while Draius helps Duke Cerith keep the northern marshes and moors of Kitarra free. However, she is late in her pregnancy and unable to help her son, locked within Betarr Serin, or her homeland.

In the wild western forests of Tyrra, the Minahmeran elders have activated Ildizar, Ihmar's sister and twin. As the Flame of Minahmerah, Ildizar prepares to stamp out necromancy as well as the abominations that the Phrenii have become. Despite Perinon's protests, she banishes Ihmar. However, Perinon convinces Ildizar to give Ihmar a slim chance of returning home, but only if he can destroy the most powerful necromantic charm ever made by the humankind. While Perinon's forces are disheartened by their lack of progress in taking back Tyrran lands, the “forgotten nameless” within occupied Betarr Serasa take up the battle. These are the petty criminals, the beggars, and the street-wise, who are learning how to frustrate their Groygan occupiers…