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Books in the Major Ariane Kedros Novels (Military SF)

Peacekeeper (#1)

Major Ariane Kedros: daring pilot, decorated soldier, or war criminal? The answer depends on who you ask.

As a reservist with a new identity provided by her government to prevent retribution, Ariane is ordered to Karthage Point to be a treaty liasion officer. Ostensively, she's supposed to prepare the squadrons for a coming treaty inspection but her real and classified mission is to serve as bait. Someone knows her wartime history and has been killing off her wartime comrades, one by one.


Vigilante (#2)

The newly opened solar system G-145 promises peace for Ariane: respite from memories of her past, especially her last reserve assignment for the Directorate of Intelligence. Her hopes plummet when her enemy Terran State Prince Parmet arrives, her employer Matt assigns her to manage disorganized contractors, and the Directorate of Intelligence insists upon playing its games. Old enemies and hostile contractors will be the least of her problems, however, as a stolen temporal distortion weapon makes its way to G-145 in the hands of a misogynist maniac…


Pathfinder (#3)

No good deed goes unpunished and saving the G-145 solar system from a temporal distortion weapon is no exception. As reward for her heroism, Reserve Major Ariane Kedros is questioned by an Interstellar Criminal Tribunal. Ariane's nightmares are revived, as is her self-destructive behavior. Then a lifeline comes from an unexpected source: the alien Minoans. Reversing their previous hands-off policies, the Minoans are financing a human expedition to a Builders' solar system. They need a human N-space pilot with a rejuv-stimulated metabolism, like Ariane. The catch? They'll have to implant their technology in her body. It will change her and it might not be removable.


Other Background on Series

Read this interview with (BSC), originally published in 2009. It provides more background on the Major Kedros series.