The Worlds of Laura E. Reeve


Minoan Space (The Major Ariane Kedros Novels)

Wars may end. Vengeance is forever. The war ended in 2090, but someone still hopes to punish those who would dare to destroy a solar system.

In the year 2105, the Consortium of Autonomous Worlds and the Terran Expansion League sign the final treaty of treaties, to please Minoan oversight and seal "Pax Minoica." All temporal distortion warheads will be destroyed and their delivery systems deactivated.

Ariane Kedros is an N-space pilot for a prospecting company. She's also a reserve major in the Armed Forces for the Consortium—but her intelligence assignments are usually plainclothes, under ComNet's "radar." In Peacekeeper, she has to get back into uniform to stop an assassin who places revenge above peace. In Vigilante, she comes up against a spectre from the past: a temporal distortion weapon, now in the hands of a madman. And, in Pathfinder, she's given an offer by the Minoans she can't refuse…not if she wants to keep mankind from the same fate the now-extinct "Builders" faced.

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The Chronicles of the Broken Kaskea

In a world where mankind no longer works true magic, five elementals have protected Tyrra from her enemies. Called the Phrenii, these elementals take the form of unicorns. Their traditional role is to protect children and the souls of the departed as they make their way to the stars. But the Phrenii and their magic weren't powerful enough to keep the fevers from taking one in five Tyrrans, nor have they been able to stamp out all practice of necromancy, which is anathema to them.

Draius is a Tyrran City Guard Officer who gets a high-profile murder case dumped in her lap when a King's Council member is found eviscerated. City Guard politics are brutal and the Captain makes it clear her career is on the line; there are many rivals waiting for her to fail. One is her own estranged husband Jan. Draius has filed a complaint about Jan's infidelity, but she doesn't expect much to come from it. In a society of arranged marriages with a birth rate that's dwindled since the fevers, infidelity and wounded pride are of little interest to the matriarchs.

One murder becomes a string of vicious deaths by torturous evisceration. Being stubborn, persistent, and possessing perfect recall, Draius connects the murders to a conspiracy to bring back necromancy. But when she gets too close to the truth, her son is kidnapped. To save him, Draius risks insanity by stepping into the minds of the Phrenii. No one expects the coming catastrophe: the Phrenii will become tainted by death, changing the world forever…

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