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Books in the Broken Kaskea Novels (Fantasy)

A Charm for Draius (#1)

"Officer Draius." Mahri's voice stopped her. "We also know this: a child's life hangs in balance."

In the age of science and gunpowder, Draius isn't worried about magic when she's assigned a high-profile murder. City Guard politics are brutal and rivals wait for her to fail, including her estranged husband. But when the perpetrators graduate to murder by magic and her own son is threatened, she has to find magical help. She must step into the minds of the Phrenii, the five elementals who protect Tyrra's children and departed souls, risking her sanity to fight magic with magic. Even the Phrenii cannot foresee the coming catastrophe.


Souls for the Phrenii (#2)

Draius is no trained spy. Despite that, her king and cousin Perinon sends her on a mission into Groyga to secretly retrieve a stolen Kaskea shard. She attracts the attention of the power-hungry Lord Endigala, who plans an invasion of Tyrra. Trapped in enemy territory and on the run, she faces imprisonment and torture. Keeping by her code of honor and merciful nature, she makes both enemies and allies as she flees north to Kitarra, hoping for asylum.

Meanwhile, the Phrenii are beginning to develop individuality, which a long-dead sorceress prophesied would be their end. When a 500-year-old spell usurps the shared soul of the Phrenii, they disappear. All written records and adult recollection of the Phrenii are wiped out. While the wielders of the Kaskea inherit the Phrenic elemental powers, Tyrran children strive to keep their memory of the Phrenii alive as trapped spirits begin to haunt the streets—without the Phrenii, they can never attain the stars.


Names for the Forgotten (#3)

TBD: During the initial draft, the "shape" of the story and order of plot points may change. This teaser will be rewritten and available later.