Wholesale Book Orders


Our printed books are print on demand (PoD) and returnable through Ingram's Lightning Source, using the highest industry-standard discount. In the U.S. and Canada, Ingram Book Group distributes our books to wholesalers and retailers. Their partners distribute books to the U.K., Europe, Australia, and NewZealand. Check out the companies listed here.

Libraries may be interested to know that our eBooks are also available through Ingram. For their online distribution partners, see here.

What if I'm a U.S. Retailer, but too Small for Ingram?

We recommend you try to get your book through Ingram or Ingram's distribution partners because that'll always be the cheapest/fastest way to go. However, many small retailers do not have the new book orders necessary to maintain an Ingram account (or perhaps you're running a conference bookstore with a temporary sales license?) If you have a U.S. retail sales license, we may be able to place your order with Ingram and have them ship it to you. There are the following constraints (please read carefully):

  • Not all US addresses may be supported. We can only ship to addresses that Ingram supports.
  • They won't be returnable (Ingram "returns" its books through crediting book-buyer accounts)
  • We'll have to charge you a 5% ordering fee (applied to the base order w/o the Ingram shipping).
  • You will have to pay us up front before we put in the order (no 45-day invoicing, etc.) This will require first a query from you, then an proposed price including shipping from us, and finally you'll have to do an online transaction to pay and get the order going. Sorry, it's kludgy but it'll get the books to you. A note on timing: Ingram's standard shipping is slow and their "rush" shipping is expensive.

Form for Wholesale Pricing Information

If you would like to have us figure out the entire price of an order, complete with shipping options, please complete the JotForm below. If you have questions about wholesale book sales, you can always use our contact page.