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Characters (Chronicles of the Broken Kaskea)

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Below are the major characters that appear in the Chronicles of the Broken Kaskea. Hint: clicking on section headers will shrink/expand the section.


  • Perinon (m): King of Tyrra, Bearer of the Kaskea, Holder of the Phrenii's Promise, High Commander of the King's Guard, and Starlight Wielder for the Meran-Viisi. Perinon has not yet been contracted for marriage, much to Aracia's dismay.
  • Aracia (f): Matriarch of the Meran-Viisi, aunt to Perinon and cousin to Draius' mother, who died in the Fevers.
  • Draius (f): Officer of the City Guard, Rank of Vice Commander. Originally Meran-Viisi (King's lineage), she took the lineal name of Serasa-Kolme when she married Jan. Mother of Peri (m)
  • Jan (m): Officer of the City Guard, Rank of Vice Commander. Married Draius in T.Y. 1462. Father of Peri (m)
  • Lornis (m): Officer of the City Guard, Rank of Lieutenant. After being transferred to the sister cities from the plains, his first duty was working for Commander Draius
  • Haversar (m): A man who chose to be "forgotten nameless," who heads the most powerful criminal organization in the sister cities
  • Berin (m): The last of the Tarmo-Nelja, a lineage wiped out by the Fevers
  • Anja (f): Matriarch of the Serasa-Kolme, a lineage that built the walls of Betarr Serin and Betarr Serasa
  • Taalo (m): An apothecary of unknown lineage and experimentor in necromantic magic


  • Velenare Be Glotta (m): Groygan Ambassador to Tyrra, Velenare has started appreciating the comfort and advancements available in Tyrra. However, he plans for the day when Tyrra is truly subjugated, as the gods would wish.
  • Orze Be Lottegre (m): First Honored Sword to Glotta. Vara has significant intelligence experience, which aids the Groygan Embassy. He's one of the few Groygans who can pass for Tyrran.
  • Lord Endigala (m): For the past several years, Endigala has been gradually gaining control of the Lord's Council in Chikirmo. Soon, it will be time for Groyga to attain the glory the gods deserve.
  • Gedere Bene Endigala (f): Endigala's Second Wife, she will never attain position of First Wife because she carries Gioygaren blood. Secretly she hopes for the day that Gioygare might regain freedom from Groyga.
  • Ordna Be Lugmith (m): The Groygan Ambassador to Kitarra. But he's loyal to Endigala, not the Lord's Council.


  • Cerith Ungought (m): Survived the execution of his father and brother. He now avoids threatening his uncle, Markus, by playing a fop and becoming known throughout the world for his debaucheries.
  • Markus Ungought (m): Siezed the throne by accusing his brother (who was also Cerith's father) of treason. Markus has finally fathered a son with his young wife, ensuring that Cerith will never hold the throne.
  • Tintia Ungought (f): Only fifteen when she married Markus, she's had a daughter and a son by him.


  • Avo Cabaran (m): Avo has written several books which have not flattered the Church, nor the City Father of Forenllas. The rest of the Mapped World has read his books eagerly, but the books are banned in the Sareenian city-states and Avo Cabaran is languishing in a cell in Forenllas.
  • Tonle Del Danta, or Danton (m): Half Sareenian and half Tyrran, with his Tyrran name being Danton. Danton is not liked by his step-sister or his half-brother. To make peace within the family, his father sends him away to Tyrra.
  • Pater Danta (m): The City Father of Illus, and the father of Danton/Tonle and Deose.
  • Deose Del Danta (m): Danton's half-brother.
  • Sangha (f): Previous daughter of Pater Danta's second wife, now deceased. She's half-sister to Deose and has plans for her little brother which don't include Danton, the unfortunate Tyrran progeny of her powerful step-father. Lately, she's been dabbling in necromancy.


  • Ihmar (m): Ihmar is the sorcerous half of twins, in a people who rarely can have children any more. In fact, most of the Mapped World thinks Minahmerans no longer exist. But the Minahmeran elders have been watching humankind, and they've become alarmed. Ihmar is tasked to observe and restore balance.
  • Ildizar (f): Ildizar is Ihmar's twin. Their talents were divided in the womb, making them twice powerful, but never whole. While Ihmar received sorcery, Ildizar received the skill of command. She is the Flame of Minahmerah: a weapon the elders can activate if Ihmar fails in restoring balance between the Earth and the Void. But Ildizar has plans of her own, because she hates the humankind for carrying the Fever that was so deadly to her people...

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