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Characters in the Broken Kaskea Novels (Fantasy)

Characters are separated by country (click on header to expand or contract section). The Tyrrans are organized by lineage and grouped (e.g., Meran-Viisi, Meran-Nelje, and Meran-Kolme are grouped together: the five-star, four-star, and three-star of the main Meran line), from most powerful to least powerful. The Groygans are organized by loyalty to house or council, from most powerful to least powerful. Characters are listed alphabetically by given name, with an indicator as to gender and which book they were introduced in: A Charm for Draius (#1), Souls for the Phrenii (#2), or Names for the Forgotten (#3). To understand the titles and cultural references, please see the cultures tab.

Meran-Viisi (Oldest Lineage in Tyrra, King's Lineage, Governance)
  • Aracia (f, #1): Lady Aracia is matriarch of the Meran-Viisi, aunt to Perinon and true cousin to Draius's mother, who died in the Fevers.
  • Cessina (m, #1): Considered the most powerful sorcerer in Tyrran history, Cessina lived long enough to both be at the creation of the Kaskea (as an apprentice) and also be the one to break it into five pieces. He battled and defeated Nherissa, the creator of necromantic magic, and thereby saved the Phrenii. He was Meran-Viisi, rarely mentioned because everybody knows who he is, and his star is one of the brightest and first to rise.
  • Kilpi (m, #2): Captain of the King's Guard at the beginning of Souls for the Phrenii, then appointed Master of Arms.
  • Lahna (f, #2): A sorceress who trained under Cessina (above) as a child and helped him defeat Nherissa. After Cessina died, Lahna established a training program in an attempt to find young people with a talent for elemental magic. Unfortunately, that talent was dying out. Lahna did not live as long a life as one would expect from someone who handles elemental magic and, by the time she withdrew to her hermitage near Ruhallen, she was considered insane. During her lifetime, she made many prophecies.
  • Muusa (m, #1): appointed by Perinon, due to some arm-twisting from Lady Aracia, to the King's Council as replacement for Councilman Reggis. Once elections come around at the end of Reggis's term, Muusa will have to defeat any opponents running for his position in a people's vote.
  • Perinon (m, #1): King of Tyrra, Bearer of the Kaskea, Holder of the Phrenii's Promise, High Commander of the King's Guard, Starlight Wielder for the Meran-Viisi, and more titles, blah, blah. At the beginning of A Charm for Draius, Perinon has not yet been contracted for marriage, much to Aracia's dismay.
Meran-Nelja (Enforcement of the King's Law, Governance, Magistracy, Defense)
  • Lyn (f, #2): Commander Lyn is in the King's Guard and the daughter of Master of Arms Sevoi. Originally Meran-Kolme, she changed lineages when marrying Meran-Nelja Tuomas, who died in the Fevers. Lyn survived having the Fevers herself, but her unborn daughter didn't.
  • Reggis (m, #1): At the opening of A Charm for Draius (T.Y. 1471), he's an elected Councilman on the King's Council and a notorious womanizer.
Meran-Kolme (Defense, King's Guard)
  • Erik (m, #1): Officer in Charge of Investigation for the City Guard at the opening of A Charm for Draius. Rank of Commander. When he was young, he trained and tested for the King's Guard but didn't make the cut. Now he's in late middle-age (about 85 years) and a life-time of drinking is taking its toll.
  • Bordas (m, #1): Officer of the King's Guard. Experienced border patrol leader and spy, having spent lots of time going back and forth across the Groygan border pretending to be a merchant.
  • Ruel (f, #2): Commander Ruel fought her way up the chain of command to be Deputy of Resources for the King's Guard. When Kilpi becomes Master of Arms, he promotes her to Captain of the King's Guard.
  • Sevoi (m, #1): Master of Arms—Commander of the King's Guard. While Perinon is "High Commander" and makes high policy decisions, Sevoi is the one that keeps the King's Guard running on a day to day basis and directs the missions (training, logistics, intelligence, etc.).
Pettaja-Viisi (Keepers of Knowledge, Librarians)
  • Leika (f, #1): Lady Leika is strong-willed, beautiful, and young for a matriarch. When Draius learns that the Pettaja-Viisi did not destroy all of Nherissa's papers as required by the King's Law, Lady Leika tries to block Perinon's demand for restitution. That's when she learns what sort of powers the Phrenii let Perinon borrow.
  • Nherissa (m, #1): The sorcerer who learned to bind power from torture, pain, and death—necromancy. Defeated by Cessina and, in part, by Lahna who played a boy servant to get inside the sorcerer's stronghold. He was Pettaja-Viisi, a detail that no one mentions any more and isn't common knowledge. But the Meran-Viisi remember, which might be why these two powerful lineages often clash.
  • Nokka (m, #1): Royal Librarian.
Rauta-Nelja (Metalworkers: Ironwork, Armor, and Weapons)
  • Cella/Cellas (f, #1/#2): Contracted (betrothed) to King Perinon in False-Spring, T.Y. 1471. At that time, she's sixteen years of age and the marriage cannot occur until she's eighteen. Perinon and Aracia had disagreements about the young age of the "candidates" she was showing him: he wanted a mature partner, but Aracia probably wanted a malleable candidate young enough to have plenty of child-bearing years (Tyrrans don't hit middle age until their 60s). Author's note: writers often have struggles with the characters in their head. For me, I know there's an issue when the character's name doesn't fit. Cellas is introduced in A Charm for Draius, but I found that I'd vascillated on using the "s." I settled upon "Cella" only because I can tire of having to use the posessive form of names that end in "s." But while drafting Souls for the Phrenii, I didn't check my character list and used "Cellas." During editing passes, I first corrected it and removed the "s," then unconsciously changed it back again in the next pass! When I unconsciously initiated this cycle for a third time, this time resulting in "Cellas" going to print—I gave up and decided the character wanted that name (obviously, my brain did). Cellas will be playing a bigger part in the plot of Names for the Forgotten.
Vilje-Nelja (Farmer, Ranchers, and Vintners in Northern Tyrra)
  • Berina (f, #2): At fifteen years old, Berina is supposed to be thinking about her future. Instead, she likes to go to the abandoned hermitage and commune with the soul that's tethered there. She has the Sight but, even if she could find someone to train her, that skill isn't in much demand in her village.
  • Niisa (f, #2): Lady Niisa is matriarch of the Vilje-Nelja. Along with the normal business issues associated with farming wheat and hay, managing vineyards, and raising sheep and cattle, the Vilje-Nelja are also responsible for preserving Sorceress Lahna's library and hermitage.
Kulte-Kolme (Silversmiths, Precious Metal and Gem Miners)
  • Enkali (f, #1): Lady Enkali is matriarch of the Kulte-Kolme, a wealthy lineage that's mostly located in Plain's End where there is much mining of metals and gems.
  • Lornis (m, #1): Officer of the City Guard, Rank of Lieutenant. After being transferred to the sister cities from Plain's End, his first duty was working for Commander Draius
Serasa-Kolme (Heavy/Defensive Construction)
  • Lady Anja (f, #1): Matriarch of the Serasa-Kolme, a lineage that built the walls of Betarr Serin and Betarr Serasa
  • Draius (f, #1): Officer of the City Guard, Rank of Vice Commander. Originally Meran-Viisi (King's lineage), she took the lineal name of Serasa-Kolme when she married Jan. Yes, she married down, since her mother was Meran-Viisi and her father was Meran-Nelja. After her mother's death, her father was so devastated that he withdrew from Meran-Viisi society. So when it came to arranging her marriage, Lady Nuora didn't really know Draius and probably wasn't interested in using her to form an alliance with another powerful lineage. Draius, likewise, wasn't interested in politics. Mother of Peri (m, #1), who was born in T.Y. 1464 at Betarr Kain.
  • Jan (m, #1): Officer of the City Guard, Rank of Vice Commander. Married Draius in T.Y. 1462. Father of Peri (m)
Nunetton (the Forgotten Nameless)
  • Haversar (m, #1): A man who chose to be "forgotten nameless," who heads the most powerful criminal organization in the sister cities. Owes life-debt to Serasa-Kolme Jan.
  • Berin (m, #1): The last of the Tarmo-Nelja, a lineage wiped out by the Fevers. A few matriarchs have offered to take him in, via marriage or otherwise, but he's refused. Unfortunately, he's no better than someone like Taalo at this point when it comes to having familial support or funds.
  • Taalo (m, #1): An apothecary of unknown lineage and experimentor in necromantic magic. No lineage will admit that they raised him, but considering his education level, someone did.
House Endigala
  • Lord Endigala (m, #2): For the past decade, Endigala has been gradually gaining control of the Lord's Council in Chikirmo. Soon, it will be time for Groyga to attain the glory the gods deserve.
  • Gedere Bene Endigala (f, #2): As Endigala's second wife, she will never attain position of first wife because she carries Gioygaren blood. Secretly she hopes for the day that Gioygare might regain freedom from Groyga.
  • Inica Be Recorga (m, #2): Honored Sword for Lord Endigala.
  • Shalah Be Endigala (f, #2): Inica's adjutant and signaler. Because she uses "Be" rather than "Bene," she was born to the Endigala name, being the daughter of a very poor cousin to his lordship.
House Chintegrata
  • Lord Chintegrata (m, #2): Before Lord Endigala's rise in the Council, Chintegrata used to be the most powerful and have the most resources. Lord Chintegrata is baffled by Lord Endigala's hatred toward the Tyrrans, since Endigala owes much of his recent income to trade with that country. Well, the hunger for power knows no logic and, above all, Lord Chintegrata respects logic.
House Glotta
  • Lord Glotta (m, #2): In charge of a fairly small house with limited resources, Lord Glotta knew what he was doing when he offered his younger brother as Groygan ambassador to Tyrra. Velenare Be Glotta (see below) is quick and inquisitive, with burning ambitions that might have limited his lifetime in another house.
Those Supposedly Loyal to the Lord's Council Before Their House
  • Orze Be Lottagre (m, #1): First Honored Sword to Ambassador Glotta. Vara has significant intelligence experience, which aids the Groygan Embassy. He's one of the few Groygans who can pass for Tyrran.
  • Renca Be Endigala (m, #2): Previously an Honored Sword for Lord Endigala, Renca is now tasked with helping Vitna take over control of Suellestrin, Kitarra.
  • Velenare Be Glotta (m, #2): Groygan ambassador to Tyrra, supposedly loyal to the Lord's Council and not a particular house. Velenare appreciates the comfort and advancements available in Tyrra but he still plans for the day when Tyrra is subjugated.
  • Vitna Be Nettona (m, #2): The Groygan counselor to Kitarra's king, supposedly loyal to the Lord's Council and not a particular house.
  • Cerith Ungought, pronounced "en-geth" (m, #2): Survived the execution of his father, mother, and older brother. Holding the title of Duke of Whythern because he was heir apparent for a while, he avoids threatening his uncle, Markus, by playing a fop and becoming known throughout the world for his debaucheries.
  • Markus Ungought (m, #2): Siezed the throne by accusing his brother (who was Cerith's father) of treason. Markus has finally fathered a son with his young wife, ensuring that Cerith will never hold the throne.
  • Tintia Ungought (f, #2): Only fifteen when she married Markus, she's had a daughter and a son by him.
  • Avo Cabaran (m, #1): Avo has written several books which have not flattered the Church, nor the City Father of Forenllas. The rest of the Mapped World has read his books eagerly, but the books are banned in the Sareenian city-states and Avo Cabaran is languishing in a cell in Forenllas.
  • Donas Deldanta (m, #2): Pater Donas Deldanta is the City Father of Illus, and biological father of Naton and Milos.
  • Milos Deldanta (m, #2): Naton's half-brother.
  • Naton Deldanta (m, #2): Half Sareenian and half Tyrran, with a Meran-Viisi mother. Naton is not liked by his step-sister Sangha or his half-brother Milos. To make peace within the family, his father sends him away to Tyrra.
  • Sangha (f, #2): Daughter of Pater Deldanta's second wife from a previous marriage. She's half-sister to Milos and has plans for a future that won't include Naton, the unfortunate Tyrran progeny of her powerful step-father. Lately, she's been dabbling in necromancy.
  • Ihmar (m, #2): Ihmar is the sorcerous half of twins, in a people who rarely can have children any more. In fact, most of the Mapped World thinks Minahmerans no longer exist. But the Minahmeran elders have been watching humankind, and they've become alarmed. Ihmar is tasked to observe and restore balance.
  • Ildizar (f, #2): Ildizar is Ihmar's twin. Their talents were divided in the womb, making them twice powerful, but never whole. While Ihmar received sorcery, Ildizar received the skill of command. She is the Flame of Minahmerah: a weapon the elders can activate if Ihmar fails in restoring balance between the Earth and the Void. But Ildizar has plans of her own, because she hates the humankind for carrying the Fever that was so deadly to her people…