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The Mapped World in T.Y. 1471

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Tyrra is the oldest civilization in the Mapped World, and the most advanced. The sister cities of Betarr Serin and Betarr Serasa are estimated to be older than 1500 years. Before the sister cities were built, before written history, the Tyrrans were nomadic tribes that prided themselves on their horses. The Phrenii also appeared before written history and at the same time, Minahmeran blood intermingled with the plains tribes. No one knows why the Phrenii came; the Phrenii have always protected Tyrra from her enemies and are considered immortal. The Tyrrans believe in the "journey of souls," where an ancestral soul may attain the Stars based upon the honor and integrity the ancestor held during his or her lifetime. In fact, every Star that can be seen is considered an ancestor and is recorded by the Star Watchers.


The temple to Falcona, in Chikirmo, the main city of Groyga

Groyga became a country in T.Y. 783, when Condotga pulled the Lord's Council together (when pronouncing "Groyga," the second "g" is pronounced as an "h"). Groyga has always been Tyrra's enemy, and Groygans worship a proper pantheon of gods while they view the Phrenii with fear and loathing. Groyga and Tyrra are separated by the river Saamarin, which is named the "river of blood" for good reason. To protect Tyrra and to reduce the bloodshed among mankind, the Phrenii established the Lightning Wall along the Saamarin, which was non-lethal, but couldn't be crossed. In T.Y. 1243, Groyga started the Fifteen Year War, but had to invade the Kainen peninsula from the south. Tyrra pushed Groyga off, and established Betarr Kain as an outpost. In T.Y. 1456, the Lightning Wall was dismantled because the Fevers had decimated much of the world, perhaps due to lack of communication. In 1471, Tyrra and Groyga are considered to be at peace, but it is a fragile peace.


Sareen is a coalition of city-states that have always traditionally aligned themselves with Tyrra, if only to ensure continued trade and commerce. The Asequar Treaty, signed every thirty years between Tyrra and the Sareenian City Fathers, pledges continued support. That treaty is due to be re-validated in 1473. The Sareenian Church of the Way is followed by Sareenians who wish to climb higher in the cycle of life. Contrary to Tyrrans, Sareenians believe the journey of souls to the Stars must involve many lifetimes of toil. Since the Phrenii are made of starlight, the Church has no recourse but to acknowledge them and make a place for them within its dogma.


Kitarra was originally a colony of Tyrra, started by King Voima around T.Y. 850. It had only been intended to be a protective outpost because the nearby marshes and moors limit the amount of land for agriculture or colonization. Over the centuries the original Tyrrans interbred with native marsh people to produce Kitarrans, although well-bred Kitarrans today wouldn't consider they have much in common with the marsh people. In T.Y. 1107, Kitarra gained a peaceful independence from Tyrra. In 1471, the Ungought (pronounced "en-geth") family rules Kitarra. However, it is not a politically benevolent environment: the current King Markus resorted to fratricide to gain control of the crown.


Minahmerah is put on the west side of the Cen Cerinas, mostly by assumption. No Minahmeran has been seen in modern days -- the last Minahmerans visited Tyrra in an era before the New Calendar (before written history). The Cen Cerinas mountain range isn't considered passable and Tyrrans haven't been interested in exploration or expansion since the days of King Voima (around T.Y. 900). Voima was the last Tyrran King to attempt an expedition over the Cen Cerinas, but it failed. Today, the rest of the Mapped World considers the Minahmerans to be long gone, and only the subject of legends.

Into the pirate's nest...

The Auberei Archipelago

The Auberei Archipelago is a string of islands that juts into the Angim Sea and, unfortunately, provides wonderful havens for pirates. In 1471, the most famous pirate that merchants fear is Frisson Rhobar, who has used the archipelago as cover for twelve years. Rhobar has managed to extort protection fees from Forenllas and Paduellus, and has even gone so far as to capture and ransom a Noble Light of the Church of the Way.

Sun sinking through the strait on a calm day

The Strait of Tears

The Strait of Tears is named for both the shapes of the islands, as well as the widows it has made. The Strait is treacherous and the western-most islands have not been mapped entirely, because ships that go too far westward never make it back. However, the day of the galley is past and Sareen is developing a new ship that might be able to handle the heavy storms and strong currents encountered by sailors on the western end of the strait.

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